Spicewood System

Access Points

Coldwater Mimo Sector 2.4G AP     Coldwater NanoBridge 2.4G AP     Coldwater Mimo NSM5 AP     Coldwater Rocket M5 Sector SW AP     Coldwater AC 120 North (locals) AP     Travis Hickory Crk M2 AP    

Hanger West M5 Sector 2 AP     Hanger East M5 Sector 3 AP     Hanger M900 North AP     Hanger N Beam SE M5 AP     Hanger N Beam M2 North AP

    Hanger N Beam M2 East AP

Dewey Twr 900 North AP     Dewey Twr Sector North 2.4G AP     Dewey Twr Sector South Rocket M5 AP

Haas Mimo Omni 2.4G AP     Haas Mimo 2.4 Mimo Dish NE     Haas Mimo Beam North AP     Haas Mimo NSM5 North AP     Haas Mimo NSM5 South AP     Haas Mimo 900 NE AP

Ken Mimo NSM2 West AP     Ken Mimo NSM5 East AP     Ken Loco 900 N AP     Ken Mimo NSM5 West AP

Link Radios

Coldwater To Haas and Heckman AP 5g     Cold 2 Haas SU     Dewey 2 Coldwater RV Users AP     Dewey 2 Coldwater RV Users SU     Dewey 2 Coldwater AC620 AP     Dewey 2 Coldwater AC620 SU     Haas2Hanger AP     Haas2Hanger SU

Pat 2 Ken AP     Pat 2 Ken SU         ====     Coldwater Phase 1 to Phase 2 AP   Cold 2 Hickory Crk AP   Cold 2 Hickory Crk SU - From UniFi PC Only

Power Controllers

Coldwater Web Pwr Switch     Spicewood Web Pwr Switch     Hanger Tough Sw     Coldwater ToughSwitch - From Unifi PC Only    Coldwater ToughSwitch B -     Coldwater ToughSwitch A -     Haas ToughSwitch     Ken ToughSwitch Hickory Crk ToughSwitch

Routers and Firewalls

Haas Zyxel 4124     Coldwater ZyXel Layer 3 Switch     Coldwater ZyXel Firewall to Phase 2     Spicewood ZyXel Layer 3 Switch     Spicewood ZyXel Firewall
Time Warner Speed Test